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Preloved & Reclaimed

Since I was a child I have always loved collecting, instead of wanting to visit the sites on family holidays I was desperate to rummage in junk shops, scour beaches and woodland - obsessed with tiny things I would seek out natures treasures stuffing my pockets with feathers, pebbles, conkers, leaves, pine cones, bark any little object that made my heart pound-like a magpie but always as much in love with the rusty and worn as the shiny.

This desire to collect salvage is displayed all over my home ‘found’ items fill shelving, mantelpieces, jars, bowls, vases, items stuffed in cabinets and cupboards. This passion has taken over my workshop where I breathe new life into worn out old furniture and preloved items.

What I love most is matching a product with the perfect partner, knowing the customer feels the same excitement as I did when it was sourced which helps me to part with them, whenever a lovely piece leaves the showroom something special always turns up to take its place.