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Flowers & Fruits

Flowers & Fruits

Hedgerow finds and garden flowers will fill your home with natural inspiration; simple displays are often the most effective. Blooms of a single type and colour such as narcissi or hyacinths make a real impact in a dining room or on a hallway table. Choose scented flowers wherever possible lilac in spring, roses in summer so the fragrance fills the house.  Later in the year mix dried flower heads with seedpods and berries for autumnal arrangements. Stems of rosehips and berries will add colour to fading blooms such as dried hydrangea and can also be woven into rustic wreaths. You can also add foliage collected from the garden such as holly, ivy and crab apples use plenty of variegated materials entwined with glossy evergreen leaves to give the appearance of frosted foliage for Christmas wreaths.  

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